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Wasabi Paste 50g

85.00 Grams

Wasabi Paste 50g

Wasabi is closely intertwined with Japanese history and is a vital part of its cuisine. SPRIG Wasabi paste has an unbelievable potency and adds a delightful bite to every dish. A tiny dab of this paste can even add an interesting dimension to vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. You can use it as a side with sushi, or roll it into sushi as one of the main ingredients.

SPRIG Wasabi Paste is so uniquely sharp in its flavour that it adds a pungency which takes each dish to a whole new level. Use it in a traditional Japanese sushi platter or layer it between sushi rice as a side for sashimi. You can also spin a modern twist on this very traditional paste by making a wasabi mayonnaise for roast beef sandwiches or a wasabi spice rub for lamb chops. The next time you make a salad dressing, try incorporating wasabi in the vinaigrette for a distinctive flavour.


This paste can be applied directly or combined with mayonnaise, garlic paste or lime juice


Refrigerate after opening

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