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Vanilla Paste

As specialists in all things vanilla, we offer Madagascan & Mexican vanilla paste in many different quantities to suit your requirements.

With a thick, syrup like texture and features little vanilla bean specks – a great feature in many baking applications. When making homemade marshmallows, cakes and ice-cream these specks add a unique touch visually, along with that pure taste we all know and love.

Our intensely concentrated vanilla paste is made from Madagascan/Mexican vanilla pods, alcohol, sugar syrup and natural gum thickener.

This paste is ideal for use in ice-creams, desserts, baking and other culinary applications. This product offers the perfect alternative to using vanilla pods or vanilla extract and can be used in applications where an intense burst of flavour is required.

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Great for combining the features of vanilla bean and extract, our  paste can be used in many different recipes, from ice-cream to croissants. Here are just a few vanilla bean paste recipes to really get those taste buds tingling.     

Vanilla Cookies: Whether you’re looking for any easy slice and bake cookie recipe or something more complex like homemade shortbread, vanilla bean paste is the ideal ingredient. 

Black & White Sesame Cupcakes: Use  vanilla bean paste and swirl icing to really get that luxurious sweet and creamy effect. 

Vanilla Cloud Cake: Feel like you’re on cloud nine with this delicious creamy cake. Add 1 table spoon of our vanilla paste to the cake and another to the icing for a real sweet kick.

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