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Recipe for Madagascan Vanilla Sugar

A simple recipe to prepare delicious Madagascan Vanilla Sugar at Home!


1. 1 Madagascan Vanilla Pod

2. 2 Cups of Sugar(Granulated, white or brown cane sugar)


The traditional (but slow) method:

Take 2 cups of granulated white (or ideally granulated unrefined cane sugar) and 1 vanilla pod. Cut the vanilla pod in 2-4 pieces and then slit these lengthwise exposing the seeds. Take a kiln jar (or similar airtight container) and fill the bottom with 1 cup of the sugar. Place the cut and slit vanilla pods into this and then cover with the other cup of vanilla sugar. Cover the jar and shake well. The jar should then be shaken once every couple of days. You may choose to add more vanilla pods and sugar to replenish on usage. In place of the fresh vanilla pod, you may use 2-3 expended vanilla pods.

The second method is similar to the first, but involves lightly grinding the cut vanilla pod and the sugar with a mortar and pestle so that the vanilla flavour is quickly incorporated and diffused into the sugar. This will also cause the seeds to disperse giving a flecking effect to the sugar.