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Premium Wayanadan TGSEB Black Peppercorns from Kerala, India

300.00 Grams

Premium Wayanadan Black Peppercorns 

Available in packs of 200 & 500g 

Nestled high among the mist-capped mountains of the Western Ghats of Kerala in southern India, with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 m, is the woodlands region of Wayanad. Home to many an indigenous tribe, as yet untouched by civilisation, and also home to the celebrated but rare Wayanadan Peppercorns. Officially the highest-quality pepper in the world, it is also known as the Wayanadan TGSEB or Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold. The TGSEB stands out for its size, colour, flavour and aroma and less than 10% of the entire crop makes this grade. In order to be graded as TGSEB each peppercorn has to be at least 4.75mm in diameter. To be classified as Wayanadan TGSEB the pepper has to be sourced traditionally from a specific variety of the plant called 'The Wayanadan' that grows only in Wayanad. History mentions it was the Wayanadan peppercorns that brought the famed European explorer Vasco da Gama to Kerala in the year 1498. After many unsuccessful voyages with thousands of lives lost, he became the first European to reach India by sea. The Wayanadan peppercorns and the spice trade not only helped the Portuguese empire improve its economy, but it also paved the way for the modern global world.


Rare Premium TGSEB Black Peppercorns from Wayanad, Kerala
Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold Pepper
Packed in 500g Vacuum Pack
Extra bold flavour

Note: Item weights shown are Packed (Shipped) weights and are approximates only