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24 Carat Gold Leaf Acacia Honey

450.00 Grams

24ct Gold Leaf Acacia Honey 250g

Our luxury 24 Carat Gold Leaf designer Honey jar is the ideal gift for any very special someone!

It celebrates our exceptional acacia honey that is harvested in the northern part of Bulgaria, near Tutrakan, Silistra and Ruse. We collect our fine Acacia honey during the Spring from the nectar of “white” acacia (Robinia Pseudoacacia) flowers that are extremely beautiful and highly scented. Its colour ranges from almost colourless to straw yellow, with very light neutral flavour and it smells sweet of acacia blossom.

The taste is medium sweet and delicate, with balanced aftertaste reminding of fruit trees, acacia flowers, fresh butter, cream cakes, vanilla and apples. Rarely crystallises.


100% Pure Raw Bee Honey, Unheated & Undiluted, Edible 24 Carat Gold Leaf Squares

Store at room temperature. In order to liquify, use a temperature lower then 45 deg. c/ 113 deg. F

Best Before End: May 2020