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Vanilla Pods 

Sourced from around the world, we offer Vanilla pods from 7 origins and are perfect for use in cakes, desserts and other culinary applications. Aromatic seeds inside the pod can be scraped out to add a unique flavour to custards, ice creams, creams and other sauces. So why not enhance the flavour of a variety of foods and buy online today!

Madagascan Vanilla

Madagascan vanilla is known for its floral and fruity flavours. Produced in Madagascar and the neighbouring islands located in the Indian ocean, these pure pods are derived from the vanilla planifolia plant – a species of vanilla orchid. Our range of Madagascan vanilla beans are sourced from the Sambava region and are approximately 11–20 cm long. These pods have a rich, full-bodied creamy flavour for use in a number of culinary applications. As well as supplying vanilla for home cooking, we also offer retail packages and wholesale quantities– ideal for food stores, market stalls and delis.

Indian Vanilla

The quality of India’s vanilla pods has led them to become a major grower in the industry. Considered to be on par with Madagascan varieties, Indian vanilla beans are cured for 5–6 months for a distinct aroma and flavour and characterised by a full-bodied woody flavour with chocolate overtones. They are also grown organically and their large size means they contain an abundance of seeds, perfect for whipping up some marshmallows or cupcakes.

Tahitian Vanilla

Grown and cured to perfection in French Polynesia, Tahitian vanilla features deep brown, oily pods with fruity and floral overtones. As Tahitian vanilla is so delicate, their liquorice style flavour is perfect for use in culinary applications where heating is not required such as fruit based desserts and ice creams. The subtle aroma also makes Tahitian beans great for use in body products, including lotions and soaps.

Indonesian Vanilla

Mexican Vanilla

Ugandan Vanilla

Comoran Vanilla

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