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Double Strength Madagascan Vanilla Extract

170.00 Grams
In Stock


Pure Vanilla Extract (Double Strength)

Our Double Strength Pure Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract is made using Sugar Syrup and Bourbon Vanilla Extractives made from Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Pods. This skilfully crafted, dark amber coloured aromatic vanilla extract with a deep, smooth flavour will not leave a bitter after-taste on the palate.

Great Taste Awards 2016 

This vanilla extract has been awarded  1 Star at the Great Taste Awards 2016.

Judges Comments 

"A rich aroma to this essence with an almost molasses element which carries through from the aroma to the flavour. The flavour is natural and honest and we love the sweet caramel notes."


Suggested uses: Ideal for professional or home use in hot/cold desserts, ice-creams, puddings, biscuits, baking, confectionery etc..

Recommended Dosage: Approximately 20g per kg mass (Please note that dosage levels are indicative and approximate only)

Vanilla Concentration: This extract has an equivalent vanilla pod concentration of 400 grams/litre

This product contains a negligible amount of alcohol left over from the extraction process.


Sugar Syrup, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extractives, Glycerin & Propylene Glycol.

Storing Vanilla Extract  

This product should be consumed within the best before date on the pack. Store in a cool, dry place. Do NOT refrigerate. 

Item weights shown are Packed (Shipped) weights and are approximates only