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Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract

150.00 Grams
In Stock

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Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract

(39% Alcohol Content)

Available in 100ml Packs

Characterised by its intense aroma, our Bourbon Vanilla Extract is made using 39% Alcohol (Sugar Beet Origin), Sugar Syrup ( Sugar Beet Origin) & the best Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Pods. This classic amber coloured vanilla extract is extremely versatile and can be used for virtually any culinary application.

This classic all-rounder is ideal for all culinary applications at home and for the professional kitchen.


39% Alcohol (Sugar Beet Origin), Sugar Syrup (Sugar Beet Origin) & Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Pods

The item is shipped in PET containers. 

***** This product contains Alcohol *****


Storing Vanilla Extract

This product should be consumed by the best before date on the pack. Store in a cool, dry place. Do NOT refrigerate.

Item weights shown are Packed (Shipped) weights and are approximates only